7 Ways to Help Your Partner with His Anger

In a relation, what men expect from women is different than what women expect from men. In general, men want more intimacy and lesser fights on the other hand women want to feel more secure and have a better connection with their better half.

We fight and makeup but no matter what the cause was, the effect remains in the minds of couples and shatters the very powerful core of a relation. Every time the core gets shattered in an argument, the relation comes weaker.

This is a major problem now which is taking over our society more than any disease that exists. Lives are being ruined more because of anger than by AIDS, schizophrenia, alcohol or even depression.

Help is available from professionals if you seek. Do not think twice before asking for help and advice from a loved one or a trained professional. Thousands of couples seek help and are lead towards better lives.

Women should be able to tackle male anger and find ways to calm them down before the matter gets out of hand. To understand what causes this anger and how to help them, we have gathered a few points. Take a look!

They Feel Disrespected


The main cause of male anger is an unpleasant encounter of feeling disrespected, humiliated or teased. This makes sense since these feelings are always involved in every fight or argument.

A sense of disrespect arises from within in some men when they are the black sheep in the family. Some men aren’t as successful as their siblings that makes them feel humiliated, turning into frustration and anger which is taken out on the woman of the house.

An Unhappy Woman


A man feels he’s a complete failure when the woman he loves isn’t happy. He often reacts to his upset women with anger instead of finding out what has made her unhappy. This can make a very uncomfortable relationship, which is obviously, unhealthy for both. Uh-oh!

She’s His Worst Critic


Although she isn’t attacking him and only pouring her heart out, this shame can make him take all the blame and turn it into anger. A lot of relations get ruined only because men take the criticism as a personal attack. This is a complete misunderstanding, which is why it’s important to clearly say what you mean to your man!

The Difference Between Men and Women


Most women do not express their anger directly and stay that way for a longer time. This causes friction between the couples to stay much longer than usual. Whereas, men use physical violence, aggression and vengeance which is more harmful. Obviously, both have their flaws but it’s important to understand why he is the way he is.

A Conflict Makes Men More Reactive


During a conflict men tend to be more emotionally unstable rather than women. They are known to be our protectors, hence they react to every tense situation as a hunter. Men indulge themselves in four damaging responses:

● Defense mechanism

● Play the blame game

● Put down their partner’s feelings

● Shut themselves into stonewalls

You can never have a rational conversation with a man or a woman who is emotionally distressed. This happens when more harm is done than good during these moments of fear and anxiety that they are going through. A man’s body isn’t designed to extreme physical and mental distress .Hence, which makes him look like a monster in front of his partner. This is extremely harmful for a relationship which demands love and respect in any situation unfavorable.

We now know what causes anger in men and why, but how do we overcome it and help them during this time? Here are some self-soothing measures:

● Regular massages help calm your nerves down

● Go for a swim

● Nature tends to act as a healer for stress and anxiety

● Meditation is known to relax your mind, body, and soul

● When discussing matters with your spouse, stop and let them know you’re feeling anxious and stressed

● Count to ten. This is to calm your nervous system down

● During a conversation, take breaks and deep breaths.

Practice makes perfect. So give these tips a go since it’s worth a try to keep fights out and turning your relationship into a successful one with love and prosperity. It is worth the effort.

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7 Ways to Help Your Partner with His Anger

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