Get Him to Ask You out in 14 Ways

You may really like a guy, but don’t know how to ask him out isn’t it? Well, find out in just 14 smart ways to get the guy of your dreams to ask you out. However, to ensure that these tips work, remember never to make it obvious to him that you are trying out these helpful hacks to get his attention.

Before you know it, you’ll be getting the attention of your biggest crush. Once the ice breaks you can then decide if all your efforts of getting him to ask you out were worth it or not. Instead of ogling over your crush be proactive and reach out. A vast number of women stay lonely and miserable just because they don’t know how to make a guy of their dreams to ask them out. If you are in that group, then it’s time to make a big change in your life. So stop overthinking and start reading these 14 smart ways to get that guy to ask you out. First, get him to ask you out, worry about the future with him later as it is always better to cross that bridge when you get there.

Bottom line; try to act cool about it. The cooler you are the greater the success of these 14 ways to get him to ask you out.

Always be Witty

Okay so this one is the most important and the most difficult for many who aren’t naturally funny. However, remember that a witty person always stands out. To get his attention you need to stand out and brush up your sense of humour a bit. That, however, doesn’t mean you start cracking too many jokes when they aren’t needed.

It is always better to laugh at yourself if you trip of are clumsy, this helps instead of folding the moment you make a mistake. He will immediately lose interest in you the moment you become nervous. If they are laughing at you, laugh with them and turn an embarrassing situation into your advantage.

Make Your Best Features Prominent

We’ re not telling you to overdo it but putting up a bit of extra effort and dressing up better than you usually do would actually help in getting the attention of your crush. Once again remember that you need to stand out to get the guy to at least look at you. However, that doesn’t mean that you wear a ton of makeup. Natural makeup intended to highlight your best features will do the trick.

If you have beautiful eyes try to make them even better with some makeup, it will give the guy something to think about. This gives a great first impression which is always important. If you make a big first impression, half the battle is won. Getting all dolled up actually shows that you put in extra effort for your crush which will make him start thinking about you.

Remember your makeup should always be classy and feel natural. Too much makeup is a major turn off so avoid it. A fresh look with some makeup will do wonders for you and will bring a radical change in your dating life.

Comfortable Clothes are Always Better

Never fold under peer pressure and end up wearing something that you are not comfortable in. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something then that leads to lack of confidence. And we have already told you that confidence is the ultimate key to success when it comes to getting your crush to ask you out.

You should do what you like and not what your crush might like. Making extra effort is good but sacrificing your own style and comfort for the sake of impressing your crush is not advised. It is important that you make an impression by being yourself instead of being a totally different person.

By being yourself you’ll be starting a more honest connection with your bae. Honesty is still the best policy when starting a relationship!

Everything isn’t About You

It is never a good idea to go on a date and talk only about yourself; it’s boring and can reflect negatively on you. Remember everything isn’t always about you, the lesser you talk about yourself the better. Tell and ask helps in keeping a conversation going.

Never be pushy in a conversation, be patient and let things unfold naturally. Listening is also very important so instead of talking too much try to listen to the other guy. He might have very interesting stuff to talk about and you can create conversation out of the information that he provides you.

Show that you are eager to know him and want to learn more about him.

Show you are Available

Keep it real and show the guy that you are available to talk to him. Do not stonewall his advances and appear friendly which will give him the courage to come over and talk to you. Flashing a smile at him if you guys come across each other in a room is very helpful in giving him the much desired confidence. Remember you want him to approach you, so acting unavailable will be highly counterproductive.

After this you can go out on a drink with him and have an engaging conversation. Doing this will increase your chances of ending up with the guy of your dreams.

Avoid being Fake

Fake people end up lonely and on the wrong side of everyone. If you want a solid and a long term relationship with your bae then don’t fake it. Being fake will make the guy like you based on a lie. If he likes you for what you actually aren’t then the relationship is destined to doom.

Getting the guy to like you is important, however not at the cost of losing your own individuality. He may actually like you for what you really are instead of what you are pretending to be.

If you want to win over your potential bae, then be original.

A Nice Smile is a Good Sign

Flashing a nice and a real smile is a great way to encourage a guy to come over and talk to you. Everyone likes a nice smile and it makes people look beautiful. A beautiful smile also expresses your confidence which will make your guy instantly fall in love with you.

A smile is something that can loudly express your confidence and as we already told you confidence is the key to success. Let your natural happiness shine and don’t worry about the rest. The more natural you are the better.

However, do not overdo it! It is important that you smile when it is needed. Smiling too much will only look creepy and make the guy find an excuse to walk away. Stay cool and smile naturally!

Be Spontaneous

Put yourself out there and have fun. Being spontaneous might be hard for you if you have a quiet nature. However, you need to try it without caring what people think about you. Make a real connection with you crush and focus on having fun.

Be free and express yourself when you are out with the guy. Remember men love being with intelligent, expressive and women with a great smile. If he sees that you have a good heart he will likely want to turn the relationship into something very meaningful.

Focus on Commonality

It is always a good idea to explore the common interests between you and you crush. You can then build your relationship on that more easily. Take interest in the likes and dislikes of you bae and explore hobbies that you both like. Don’t pretend to like something just because he likes it. However, it is not a bad idea to explore your guy’s hobbies; you might actually end up liking them.

This is a great way to build some common ground. If he likes video games, try to play some with him it might turn out to be fun for you as well.

Common hobbies are very helpful in building a prosperous relationship.

Be Your Real self

As we have said it before, no one likes fake people. This is why it is important to be yourself when you are trying to impress a guy. While you might think that you have outsmarted the guy by being fake, some people can see through that kind of facade.

Guys never want to meet fake girls, so if you want the guy to ask you out twice, being fake is something you need to avoid. Be yourself and be confident in who you really are. Never lie and be open about stuff with him and if you feel there isn’t any common ground then don’t push the relationship any further. If you have nothing in common with your crush then the best thing is to end it sooner than later.

Shying away is a no-no

Being upfront and willing to communicate is very important in order to get the guy to ask you out. Shying away is a no-no when it comes to making a guy ask you out. If you aren’t open enough, you will end up giving the guy all the wrong signals.

He will either think you are not available or you aren’t into him. This will always make the guy walk away instead of pursuing a relationship with you. There is absolutely nothing wrong in putting yourself out there more often than less.

Being upfront will naturally attract the guy towards you as it takes guts to say what you feel. Guys like girls who are expressive! Take a chance and say what you feel.

Eye Contact is Important

Eye contact is very important to entice the guy to be more interested in you. Eye contact is stronger than even words. Your eyes will say more than your mouth. If you maintain an eye contact with him across the room he will surely try to ask you out. A consistent eye contact is a signal of approval.

Always make eye contact during your conversation with him as it shows that you are keenly interested in what he has to say. If you look away, it will give an impression to the guy as if you are not listening, not interested or even upset with him. And you definitely don’t want to give him that signal.

So stay confident and do not look away.

Make it clear you are Single

The guy should know that you are single by being open about you relationship status. Just casually bring it up in a conversation and let him know how you feel about relationships. Also ask him about his thoughts on a long relationship and about his past relationships.

If a guy is not sure about your relationship status he will mostly probably never ask you out. To avoid this predicament it is important for you to be open about the matter.

It is important that you know about his future plan regarding a long and lasting relationship. If he is not a relationship type then you better plan accordingly.

Don’t be Desperate

Don’t obsess over your crush; your desperate efforts will only turn the guy away from you. It is important to keep your dignity intact when trying to get a guy to ask you out.

If you follow these steps we are pretty sure that you will have your crush asking you out in no time. Remember stay cool and let things unfold accordingly.

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Get Him to Ask You out in 14 Ways

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