20 Sneaky but Sure Signs You’re Dating a Genuine 24K Gold-Digger

Being rich is amazing; you get everything you could possibly want. The only snag is that even the richest person on earth cannot buy the most important things. Peace of mind, contentment, and love are just a few examples.

In fact, if you’re well-off and have a strikingly beautiful girl on your arms, you may not be able to enjoy the relationship. You may even wonder whether she’s in a relationship with you or your money. If you’re having suspicions, take a step back and see whether any of the below facts are true:

Disclaimer: For the ease of reading, the gold digger is referred to as female here, and the rich victim as male. Of course, the role may be reversed, with men craving the wealth, fame, or power of their partners.

#20. The Burning Questions


Watch out for the questions any woman asks in the start of a relationship. Or even the questions she asks you when you first meet. You would probably be asked about your job or occupation straight off the bat. This may seem like a standard question for getting to know a person. However, it’s definitely a warning sign if she’s more interested in this than what you do in your leisure time.

It may not be a problem for you to divulge your designation, but be wary if she pushes more. It’s not considered good manners to ask about someone’s salary or their scope, but she would do it. More often than not, you may get shocked into giving an honest answer.

#19. Checking the Proof


Once she has established that your job is distinguished enough, she would want to ascertain your cash flow. She would be amazing at math, especially when it comes to working how much you save. She would also somehow weasel out information on any trust funds or investments. When you’re talking about money or some deals on a phone, she would usually eavesdrop. Later, it would become a topic of conversation instead of asking about your day or how you are.

#18. The Easy Privilege


Even if a gold-digger comes from a poor background, she may try to embellish her life. She could talk about the supposed vacations she takes every year, along with the high-end clothing and accessories she prefers.

There’s usually nothing but an endless stream of material objects listed in her conversations. She may also talk nonstop about the latest designers, interior decorators, and cars. Be prepared; it’s all a ploy to groom you. Before you know it, you would be the one giving her all these things. This is because she’s created the expectation that she needs all this in order to function.

#17. The Goods on the Market


She may not be able to keep her eyes off you. More specifically, she would be assessing the watch on your wrist, the tags on your clothes, and the brand of anything you use or own. It’s highly probably she comes over to you in the first place because of your Armani suit. If you pay attention, she may also have her hands all over you…rubbing the cloth to see if it’s genuine. She’s gifted like that.

#16. Fast and Furious Spending


Within a few days of being together, you may find she’s spent a huge chunk of your money. Her constant demands may not seem like much at first, but they could set you back hundreds of dollars each day. This piles up and is a concern even for a very wealthy man.

Many times, it may seem like you’re purchasing love. This may be true, as she doesn’t show affection other than for a few minutes after an expensive gift-giving. It would become a vicious cycle, especially if you truly care for her. You may be psychologically bullied into buying her expensive stuff only in order to see her smile for once.

#15. Helplessness


The researchers also found — this time using a simpler question about where the self is located — that heart-locators of either sex were more likely to endorse proposals for stricter abortion laws based on the initial detection of a heartbeat in the fetus, and to endorse the idea that a person’s death should be determined by when the heart stops beating rather than brain death. In a survey of U.S. college students, these researchers further established — perhaps unsurprisingly — that heart-locators are more likely to support heart-disease charities and that brain-locators are biased toward brain-based charities (such as an Alzheimer’s disease charity).

Being with a gold-digger and babysitting is not too different. The only difference is the woman may require a gold pacifier with a diamond teething ring. She is usually acting helpless and broke in front of you, batting her eyes and wheedling for money. She is happy to take a back seat as long as it means you’re picking up all the tabs.

#14. The Hinting Game


There are some girlfriends who would just not stop hinting at more stuff and more experiences. She would want to try the latest restaurant, buy the trendiest clothes, etc. And she wouldn’t feel any compunction in straight up asking you for the cash to do it with.

The trouble here is not that she has expensive taste, but nothing of her own to back up her wishes. She relies completely on you to maintain her flamboyant lifestyle.

#13. Staying on Top of the Trends


She isn’t concerned with having her own style or sticking with tried and tested goods. No, she must have what the Kardashians just had, or the rich neighbors. She also needs a socialite life, a new bag every other day and spa days whenever she can squeeze them in.

Looking glamorous and well-maintained is fair enough. However, she usually goes to all this trouble so that she may catch an even bigger fish than yourself!

#12. Great Expectations


If a gold-digger is like a child, she is an immensely spoilt one. The basic P’s and Q’s are simply not in her vocabulary. This may be a flaw in her upbringing but is more likely because she fees deserving of everything you give her. In fact, she expects more and more expensive gifts as the days go on.

Hence, you would have to treat her like royalty whenever you meet her. Anything less would not be accepted. And if you do deliver, don’t expect to be thanked or even asked nicely.

#11. Tight Spots


You would notice that she’s always in one financial problem after another. Since she would probably not be working, or only just getting by, she needs you to help her out. All the time.

If you’re not careful, you would become her go-to for when she has to pay for anything. This could be her bills, her rent, or even her mortgage. It’s obviously better for her if you simply buy a house for her upfront. Some gold diggers may claim to pay you back at the first opportunity. Unsurprisingly, they would show no signs of paying back a red cent when their job is done.

#10. Eagerness for Offspring


Modern women nowadays are not too keen to start a family until they’re well settled. However, a gold digger would want to become pregnant and pop out a baby as soon as possible. The reason is simple; she doesn’t want to work hard on a career. Other than gold-digging, of course.

It’s not a maternal instinct that makes a gold-digger want to become a mother sooner rather than later. It’s more of a calculated aim; she wants the financial stability that comes with being the mother of your child. She would either have a proper married life or, at the very least, be able to collect child support payments. These payments would be fairly large, you being a rich dude. Hence, plenty left over for her to splurge with.

#9. No Offers from Her Side


A real woman may enjoy a good restaurant just as much as any gold-digger, but there’s a huge difference. Any woman worth her salt would never go into an expensive restaurant without being able to at least pay her half. Even if you insist on paying the bill, she would be fine with paying for herself if it comes to that. She may even insist on treating you sometimes!

A gold digger, on the other hand, would never offer to pay for herself. She would have the flimsiest of excuses the most common being that she just didn’t have the money. Of course, she may try to hide behind even flimsier arguments. For instance, she may wax long about how she’s old-fashioned and believes the man should always pay.

#8. Out of Place


During the week and on the weekends, a gold digger may invite you to several places. Unfortunately, these would all be events and locations that she enjoys. Plus, she just may invite her friends along, leaving you with nothing but the bill for company.

If you’re feeling like a fool at a party where you know nobody, take inventory of your relationship. When was the last time she came to a place just for your sake? Slowly but surely, she may be trying to change your tastes to everything that she loves. This would only help her to extract more from your wallet. Isolating you from your past life is another tactic that would promote her goal all the more. Of course, the most probable reason she wants you there is so that you can pay for everything.

#7. Under Her Thumb


Even when you do visit your friends, she has the upper hand in deciding when you should go. She would also be deciding which friends are suitable for your and for how long are you allowed to sit with them, if at all. If it was up to her, you and your wallet would never leave her side. It may help if you bribe her with your credit card before you go, though.

She has this control so that your well-meaning friends don’t warn you about her. All she wants is for you to appreciate her and think about how lucky she is. If your mates are only concerned with her looks and not the hold she has over you, you need better mates.

#6. Throwing Money at Problems


Every now and then, a gold digger would instigate an argument. This may have no sure basis and are not without calculation. Basically, she’s trying to wear you down to the point of opening your wallet…again.

You may find out that she soon cools down after you let her shop to her heart’s content. She may also really appreciate a new wardrobe, some diamond jewellery, or something similar. It’s natural to sometimes cool down after you get something nice, but incidents like this would become a worrying norm.

#5. Throwing Tantrums


Another childish behaviour of a gold-digger is that she’s going to throw a tantrum for no reason. You may have delayed her wishes, or simply refused to comply with one demand. You may feel yourself crumbling away inside as this grown woman lashes out for the pettiest of reasons. If this happens, we highly suggest you rush out of this toxic relationship as soon as humanly possible.

What’s really sad is that she wouldn’t even consider reciprocating any of the gifts you give her. However, if you are lacking even the tiniest bit, she would immediately make it a matter of life or death. Dealing with such a person can be mentally as well as physically exhausting.

#4. The Material Obsession


When you discuss your friends with her, she probably wouldn’t remember their name. She would, however, remember the expensive and grand objects they own. For instance, she could refer to your best friend as the guy with the huge mansion. Sports and luxury cars, huge diamond rings, and Birkin bags are also probably in her topmost thoughts.

In short, you are dating a person who only sees the material wealth people can afford. She would make it a point to be nice to these with the biggest cars and houses, but conveniently ignore the less well-to-do among your social circle. Servants, of course, wouldn’t ever be acknowledged by their right names.

On the other hand, a woman who is with you for the right reasons probably won’t even notice what others possess. She would probably not be able to tell you the make of your own car if she wasn’t interested in automobiles for their own sake. As for the possessions of other people, she would consider them none of her business. If you find such a woman, hold on to her for dear life!

#3. Plastic Overload


She may have a lot of silicon pumped inside her body, or just act like a plastic doll in general. In any case, she doesn’t seem real to you. She would probably eat next to nothing even when insisting you take her to the most expensive restaurants. That’s because she just wants to be seen there, not eat the food and gain weight. After all, it’s her body that’s ‘paying’ for the lifestyle she’s always craved.

Plus, talking to her is like talking to a robot. She would talk about people, celebrities, and when you can take her shopping again. What you may not find out is where she went to high school or college. You may not even remember where you two met. Other than the fact that she’s breathing, you can’t really be sure that she’s not just a silicone doll.

#2. The Arm Candy


You love going to parties with her, and she happily complies every time. It’s usually a moment of pride when you can show her off to your friends and family. However, after the introductions are done with, what next?

You may slowly or suddenly realize that the girl on your arm is little more than arm candy. She may preen and look good for the camera, but the conversations are stilted and there’s no spark of wit present. In fact, she may get bored even more quickly than you do. Eventually, you would begin craving some decent conversation and know that you can’t get it with her.

#1. You’re Strangers


The crux of this whole meandering is that the two of you don’t really know each other. She may tag along to a family event of yours, but have no idea whose funeral or wedding it is. Before you know it, she’s become your constant date in every single function and social gathering. You may even be planning an anniversary with her and have no idea what her favorite color is. No need to feel guilty, because she’s probably never given a thought to yours either.

When you’re in a relationship, the other person’s opinions, dreams, and life matters. In a gold-digger relationship, however, all of that means less than nothing. All that matters is that the money should keep coming in and being spent.

If you find yourself in such a situation, so if you really want to continue in this manner. It may work if you’re fine with a sugar-daddy setup. However, we’re sure you can do better in the way of love!

Not every woman with a rich guy is a gold digger. You may have found an amazing selfless woman who loves you for you. However, be on your guard. Gold diggers are among the most cunning beings on earth, and they may milk you dry before you know it. A real woman who genuinely cares for you, however, would be more interested in the relationship than in material things.

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20 Sneaky but Sure Signs You’re Dating a Genuine 24K Gold-Digger

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