15 Doubts He’ll Have About the Relationship After the Honeymoon Phase


Who doesn’t like to be loved and admired 24/7? Especially when it comes to ladies, we act like cats who love to be patted without having to ask for it. Making our men head over heels and run around us like puppies is what we all dream of. Undoubtedly all the relationships start the same way, giving butterflies in your stomach keeping you madly in love most of the time. You start assuming this heaven is how it’s going to stay forever. However, the honeymoon period does not last forever as nothing in this world is permanent in this immortal world.

However, what you can do to make your relation long-lasting is to avoid things that can cause trouble. It’s hard to even think of compromise, we understand but to win something big, you got to lose some as well. What we are talking about here is not a big deal but just little changes in your lifestyle and it’s not just for him, but for you too.

The only way you can make your post-honeymoon period turn into a long lasting bond is to get to know what actually is going on in your bae’s mind and what are his fears and doubts? Let’s have a glimpse of the top 15 fears your man can have about where this roller coaster of a romantic relation will end up?

15. Will I Have My Social Life Back Or Is She Going To Be My Whole World For The Rest Of My Life?


Yeah, you read it right. Believe it or not, this is what 90% of the men fear of after getting into any relationship. For men, relations are different. They don’t seem to accept one person enough for the rest of their life. What they need is their ‘guy time’ with their buddies to chill out and have fun outside home. Men will always be men, you can’t really change them so it’s better for you to understand as early as you can to give them enough space and let them hang out with their friends.

14. Will She Share Everything With Her Friends and Family?


I know it’s hard to digest as truth is always bitter but look into your heart and answer honestly, can we really keep a secret? Especially if it’s a love secret about you and your mate, you will have cringes in your tummy until you pour that secret out. This my friend exactly is the fact your mate is worried about. Men don’t like to share their private life with their ladies as much women do.

13. Do I Get To See This Lady As Neat Ever Again?


Becoming comfortable being you around each other is the best thing that can happen to you ever. However, this could tear your relation apart too as you become relatively lazy and less careful in your personal groom. But your spouse wants to see you beautiful and neat just the way you were before. Try to stay a little more active and have focus on your outer appearance.

12. After Her, Now Her Family Too?


This is the most annoying and scary part of the relationship for any man in this whole wide world. Men don’t like to be made fun of, picked upon and annoyed and this is all what the girls’ siblings like to do on the occasional meet up. Coping all the annoying siblings that even you cannot stand is never easy for him. Make sure to never leave him alone with them monkeys and if, at some occasion, you have to, assure him you are right beside him in this ‘moment of chaos.’

11. Can I Make Decisions For My Own Life?


There’s always one dominant party, either it’s you or it’s him. In most of the cases, women have control over the decision makings of all kinds. This is what all the men really hate. From annoying questions like ‘what are you going to wear for Christmas’ to orders like ‘you can’t come into our bedroom if you come home after 10’ are the nightmare of men’s lives. Let him decide for himself and he will come asking you for the advice himself.

10. Will We Also Face Mid-Life Crisis Just Like Everyone Else?


Okay, so mid-life crisis HAS to come no matter how hard you try but it does not has to be ugly every time. This crisis can teach you a lot of stuff about yourself and him and make your bond even stronger only if you act wise. All you have to do is to have faith in him, assure him you still love him the same and never let things get between you. Once the crisis is over, he is going to be head over heels in love with you all over again.

9. Can I Go To Parties With My Buds Like Before?


If there’s one thing boys love and can leave the wealth of whole wide world, it’s their buddies. Don’t be a fool and assume he will leave his friends for you. Plus, expecting this from him will be injustice as well. If you want him to trust you enough, lay low on your crazy expectations and let him have party at nights with his buddies.

8. Will She Really Accept The Way I Am?


We all have some kind of insecurities, so do men. A wise and loyal girl would never encourage his insecurities instead show him enough compassion and love to make him forget everything but your love. Things for sure take time to get settled in, but after all the struggle is worth making.

7. Is She Going To Cheat Or Stay Faithful As Me?


This is the worst fear of every loving guy. None of us likes to be cheated upon, especially the one who has invested more. If your man has invested more in your relation than you, he definitely is going to be scared of the possibility of you not putting much effort in. Prove him wrong and stay as faithful as he is.

6. Am I Stuck In This Relation Forever?


No one likes to emotionally invest in any relation if they are not serious enough. I know it sounds quite ironical but the fact of the matter is men like to stick to just one women forever. What they look in any girl is their potential wife with whom they can grow old together. However, making them realize once you are in and there’s no way out is not going to turn good.

5. All My Money Will Be In Her Control Now


Don’t make the blunder of trying to possess your man’s money as it should never be the issue. Let him enjoy his life and spend on his friends or wherever he wants.

4. What If She Changes After Babies?


Most of the men don’t like the idea of making babies because they fear they will never have the same attention again. Well, to some extent it’s true but don’t leave him alone. You can manage beautifully even with kids.

3. My Life Is Going To Be Stuck Between Home And Office


He’s a human being not a robot and this is what he wants you to realize. Appreciate the efforts he is making for his family and try cool activities like going to movies, romantic dinners with him.

2. Is She The Right One?


This could be the greatest fear of any man. How you can help him is to make him understand with your emotional investment that no one is perfect for anyone and he should live the moment instead of worrying for tomorrow.

1. Will Her Mother Interfere Too Much?


Men don’t like to get dictations from their in laws or let their marriage be influence by them. It seems quite unfair to let your mother tell you how to deal with your man. Have your own experiences and don’t let anyone interfere in your relation.

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15 Doubts He’ll Have About the Relationship After the Honeymoon Phase

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