Read Your Partner’s Mind with These Body Language Pointers



Ever wondered what your partner is thinking right now and you’re really curious about it? Sometimes your partner can be quite reluctant to share any of their thoughts with you. Well, this can be quite exasperating sometimes. I mean relationships are all about sharing and caring. In addition, if you snatch away these aspects from your relation, you’re snatching away the essence to it. The bedrock of relationships is that you can quite openly share your thoughts and whatever you want to say without fear of being judged or claimed obnoxious.

There can be moments of repulsion in a relationship where both the subjects are dominated by silence, ego, and carelessness. In these situations, you just have to know what your significant other is thinking about you or maybe thinking about someone else umm! Well, that can be a problem. So you should prepare for an eavesdropping mission. I’m serious. Eavesdropping is not a good practice and one should refrain from it. You can try legitimate ways to know what your partner is thinking.

About relationships


Are relationships pretty? You get to know each other more profoundly and while doing that you get to know your likes and dislikes, your favorite food, your favorite dress, colors and so many things, which can place us on the wrong side of the road for now. However, it’s all about forming a nexus between two souls and in order to establish mutual understanding, you gotta share, share, and share. Share what? Share your thoughts, your clothes (yeah maybe sometimes LOL) and yes foooood!

As they say sharing is caring, so don’t let that stance down and be always on the caring mode because that’s all that we’ve between besides love which is more of the same side to the coin. Therefore, lads and lassies, do pour your thoughts in front of your partner because they’re the only ones who can sincerely aid you with the best remedies available if you’re truly in agony. Alternatively, if not, you can share your life experiences. This strangles boredom and on the brighter side aids the solidification of the bond present.



So getting along with the topic, you can examine your partner’s moves and gestures as well because psychologically speaking, brain commands movements of every organ you’ve there and this does include some pre-planning because you don’t move without any reason. There can be multiple reasons to it which aren’t even known to you but psychologically they portray the conditioning of the brain which leads us to form a climax that there are is some thought process going on there in your skull.

These movements can help you describe some uneasiness or some thought process really easy. If you’re not confident or you’re feeling scared or maybe you’re just really excited about something but due to lack of ability in forming those expressions, you keep mum. Yes, this happens with introverts who are really energized within but amid people, they cannot spill or pour out that energy in a way they want and to tackle embarrassment, they shun from speaking up. It is common even in relationships.

Level of Comfort


A relation doesn’t mean you’re really cozy with your partner. It’s not that we’re contradicting the essence of a relationship but some individuals have a hard time coping up with the pace of the relationship and the other person perceives that their partner isn’t serious about them. People, please don’t form prejudices so abruptly. Ponder for a moment about the situation. Adopt a holistic approach towards the enigma because that can eventually lead you to a better perception closer to the reality. Philosophical Talk ehhh.

Scientific Approach


We turn towards the more safer and credible approach, the scientific approach. Science is all about logic and critical aspects of almost every phenomenon happened or happening. May be that is related to the worldly atmosphere or us; the living beings.

So turning towards the gestures and body language, an intellectual named Dr. Albert Mehrabian known as the writer of Silent Messages says that words sometimes play a smaller role than body gestures in conveying our message. How is that even possible, I mean we talk all day and night with this mouth, which never ceases? However, according to the research this individual did, he claims that the vocal channel of communication contributes 38% to the messages conveyed by us. 7% includes the messages which are conveyed by the usage of words and the larger chunk of this communication process goes to the non-verbal channel of communication. About 55% of the area goes to the facial expressions, gestures and postures, all related to the body language.

Seems like a Super-power


So this seems like a very interesting area to be pondered upon. I mean those who possess the superpowers of deciphering thoughts through body language are on the paramount while those who aren’t able to perform the interpretation of these movements are missing a very massive opportunity. Like you can communicate with just your body movements to someone and it’s just so awesome. I am learning this right away Lmao!! However, you gotta be witting to notice those movements your partner executes knowingly or unknowingly.

The Techniques

Now, why don’t we learn the techniques of deciphering or translating those various body movements in order to catch the intentions of our partner? Don’t be frightened, these won’t go wrong as they’ve been studied and experimented by various body language experts. Let’s gain those superpowers, shall we?

‘Thou Shalt Be a Super-Human’ at the end of the article folks! We’ll be mentioning some of the techniques right now to equip you with those cool superpowers and enable you to retain your relationship or simply know your partner’s motives. It’s not always about being endangered by thoughts of a breakup people so please come out of that horrifying scenario. No one wants that to happen to believe me.

The Eyebrow Game


The eyebrow game should be strong, oh, that was something generic. Here we mean the ‘eyebrow raise’. Yes, the eyebrow raise carries a plethora of concealed messages. According to a body language guru Patti Wood, eyebrow raises can be of many kinds. The generic eyebrow raise is used to denote the happiness or euphoria when you see your near and dear ones around yourself.

However, that’s what we’re talking about right now eh. In partner scenario, eyebrow raise, a brief eyebrow raise actually represents your to-be-partner interest in you or what you possess. I’ll make it more simple to understand. Suppose you’re on a date and the girl or the lady in front of you is staring at you with a raised brow. This means, ‘she likes what she is staring or believing and she wants more of it’. This can be applied to your incumbent partner as well.



Ahh, this one is sometimes so embarrassing for the person experiencing it. It can change your responses 360 degrees. Human nature is soo complex we fail to understand our motives sometimes. However, this is natural so don’t be afraid of that fidget. On a first date, this happens a lot. The first indicator to this is the rapid heartbeat. Oh not having that means you aren’t quite surprised with your new date. Well, you should be TBH. Other indicators are sweaty palms, the nervous laughter (you smile on almost everything he/she says believe me), and sitting still can be a problem that moment. Actually, it’s not our fault.

The person in front of us is soo stellar we forget to control our gestures and are surely in awe. Some people would state fidgeting to be quite uncomfortable but that’s not the case. Yeah sometimes, it maybe when you’re in an interview or you’re facing any similar scenario but first dates are like this. You suddenly sit in front of a person you’ve never known and it is obligatory for you to look them in the eye or create an impression of yours. So if you’re on a first date and you spot these gestures in your to-be-partner, be happy. It indicates their interest in you and they can be on your potential partner’s list.

Eye contact


Eye contact is necessary for the first date. By having an eye contact with the other person you’re making them feel welcomed. Opposite to that, it means you’re excluding them from your league and if that’s not the case they’ll surely think that you just excluded them from your potential partner’s list and it’s quite unwelcoming. According to the author of The Body Language Bible, Judi James, ‘if the person in front of you is maintaining a stout eye contact with you and for short durations they stare at your mouth and then again to the original position on your first date. Voila! This means they’re attracted towards you and they’re thinking about kissing you as well. OH MY!

However, generally overdoing the eye contact can also be uncomfortable. According to a psychologist named Alan Johnston who presented his research at the University College London, eye contact lasting over 3.2 seconds was kind of hostile and unwelcoming but some subjects were comfortable with even that when they knew the person in front of them is trustworthy and is not hostile or posing any threat to them.



Mirroring movements is quite natural. This happens amongst peers and your partners. These movements are executed when people feel easy with each other. I mean in partner’s case yes its soothing and it means mutual understanding and easiness but if it’s the other way round it can illustrate that the other person is uncomfortable.

They might be not that responsive towards you because either they’re hiding something and it’s difficult for them to let the cat out of the bag (don’t take the literal meaning to it) or they’re just having a hard time coping up with the situation and acting accordingly to the situation.

Lip licking


OHH the lip thingie. We often see this gesture in movies and yes with partners as well. This might happen on the first date as well and you’re quite lucky if this is one of the body responses coming from your date. According to the author of The Power of Body Language, Tonya Reiman, ‘a person executes this gesture when he/she has coveted for something they see. This gesture coming from your date or even partner can mean they’re really really attracted to you and they’re hungry as well for you. Attraction produces more saliva in the mouth’. Staring at lip licking is satisfying as well.



‘We lean towards anything we covet and we refrain from doing that when something or someone seems not quite welcoming to us’, says Tonya Reiman. Leaning unconsciously can illustrate the desire to get closer. But these moves can also be used for manipulation. How? Some individuals can use this tactic to make you think they’re quite interested in you and in return you start believing what you just heard or saw. Maybe they’re manipulating you just for the purpose of exploiting you in the near future. So be ready and be aware.



‘Mellow Touch Shalt Make Thou Fall’. A touch from the special one can be soothing. A touch indicates the desire of getting closer and this can also indicate one’s interest in forming a link with you in case of first dates. A touch can also have some other meanings as well. If a peer touches you on an occasion or when you’re discussing something, it means that they want your confirmation on understanding whatever they’ve stated. This can also be applied to partner’s context.



Blushing is a cute thing ya know. Especially when a woman is blushing, it makes her 100x cuter. Well, women also blush six times more than men and TBH men blushing could seem a little awkward sometimes (no offense meant lads). Blushing indicates two aspects. One is of being quite shy, quite angry or illustrating shame because of something. The other aspect is that blushing can act as an indicator for sexually-oriented craving. So if you do set those cheeks blushed, you’re getting away with her for sure lad.

Hope you now possess the superpowers I was talking about. Have fun with them. Adieu!

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Read Your Partner’s Mind with These Body Language Pointers

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