The Consequences When a Girl Cheats and He Finds Out

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One woman named Zoe, from Baltimore, who accidentally sent her boyfriend a text meant for her friend detailing how she was cheating on him. Zoe was cheating Joe for a long while he was at work. But then a problem occurred and it drove Zoe to text her friend about the situation. She intended to text her friend but accidentally sent the message to Jordan himself. The message detailed how Zoe had planned to see her secret lover behind Jordan’s back, thinking he had work, but when Jordan discovered he was not working, Zoe had to cancel her plans with her lover. It contained some seriously shocking sentences. For Instance,

‘ I do not want to let my other guy down. I feel so bad because I am letting them both down because I am a stupid W****. ‘

‘ I am so sad and I already waxed my entire f***ing body to f*** this dude HELP ‘

Zoe’s message

Jordan who had been working 60 hours a week for save for them to go to Florida together, was shocked reading the message. He could not believe his eyes. He could not believe that someone who had been with him for over two years could, actually, do this to him. He decide to confront Zoe. But to his utter surprise, Zoe claimed that it was recounting of a dream that she had. He was utterly disgusted by her responses.

Jordan is now a happy ex


Jordan gave the incident some thought and finally decided to take revenge upon her. He decided to use twitter to take his revenge. He posted Zoe’s message to Twitter. It, instantly, went viral. Amassing tens of thousands of re-tweets and messages. Random people, all over the world, messaged to support Jordan.

Alongside, with the screenshot of her message, he said: ‘ When you accidentally tell your boyfriend you are cheating on him ‘ with a hashtag #2yearswithah*** ‘.

Jordan’s tweet about Zoe’s cheat has got more than 53,000 retweets.

Many people showed sympathy towards Jordan. For instance

Someone wrote “ No way she did not know she sent that. That was her tryna tell you so you would leave her first. “

While Karim said “ Undoubtedly, Karma plays its part in the most funny ways. “

Joe’s Tweet

People, while, helping Jordan took the effort too far and tried to track Zoe on internet. But, in a bizarre twist of fate, one girl who had re-tweeted Jordan’s tweet was mistakenly taken as Zoe herself. And soon, Z Friedal 78 started being trolled by the fans of Jordan.

In one of the many twitter messages received by her, innocent Z Friedal was told,

‘ Why did you cheat on Jordan !!! Girl you dead ass f*****d up yo. ‘

” Girls who cheat are pathetic vile little dogs, and on a man you dated for 2 years? Are you KIDDING me?

“You are literally so comical and embarrassing. Have some fun with this new man LMAOOOO (laughing my arse off), Jordan deserves so much better than you.

“In a few weeks when you’re in tears regretting what you did, remind yourself you did Jordan a favour, and have some fun with this new man.

“Odds are, he ain’t even that great if he was pulling out before y’all dated. Hope f***ing a nobody was worth dumping an amazing man down the toilet!!!!

“Don’t be crying when he finds someone prettier and faithful. You did this”.

However Z Friedal took matters lightly and tweeted


Finally Jordan had to stop these mistaken identity cases with his own tweet telling that the actual Zoe was not on twitter

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The Consequences When a Girl Cheats and He Finds Out

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